Training & Education


The Singapore Money Brokers Association (SMBA) aims to promote best practices in the money broking industry in Singapore. These practices are best achieved through the advancement and enforcement of high standards of professional conduct and ethics among its members. SMBA also strives to represent and advance the interests of its members in their relationships with the customers.

SMBA has engaged Intuition in 2008, a leading professional education provider to the financial markets community, to look at a training program to best meet the needs of the group. Intuition devised a 9 month Diploma program which provided each participant with a deeper working knowledge of the financial markets. 



The program itself contains 3 tracks i.e. Interest Rate Swaps & Derivatives, Money Markets & Foreign Exchange, FX & Interest Rate Options. It is the intention of SMBA to bring a continued successful Diploma program to every participant. 

The future program content will be revised to include some of the newer products been traded by the SMBA group of Money Brokers thus reflecting its keen desire to be up to date with the market requirements.