Training & Education


The Singapore Money Brokers Association (SMBA) aims to promote best practices in the money broking industry in Singapore. These practices are best achieved through the advancement and enforcement of high standards of professional conduct and ethics amongst its members. SMBA also strives to represent and advance the interests of its members in their relationships with their customers.

The Singapore Foreign Exchange Market Committee (SFEMC) introduced the Financial Markets Regulatory Practices (FMRP) examination in June 2012 as the professional certification programme for all dealers and brokers engaged in wholesale dealing of over-the-counter (OTC) foreign exchange, money market instruments and derivative products in Singapore.


The FMRP exam focuses on assessing dealers' and brokers' understanding of wholesale dealing practices and market conduct based on the Singapore Guide to Conduct and Market Practices for Treasury Activities (commonly referred to as "The SFEMC Blue Book), as well as relevant Singapore law and regulations.

The purpose of the FMRP is to ensure that all market participants have sufficient knowledge that would guide them to act in a way that best safeguards the soundness of the financial markets.